Other Grant Sources


THE EXPLORERS CLUB -- The Club provides resources in the form of grants, information, and other services. Probably the most powerful resource available to members is fellowship with other members through the online Explorers Bulletin and other Member-to-Member services. The Club offers a number of grants as part of its public service commitment. Applications are judged on the scientific and practical merits of the proposal, the competency of the applicant, and the appropriateness of the budget -- www.explorers.org

HARVARD TRAVELLERS CLUB -- The Harvard Travellers Club Permanent Fund supports and encourages worthy travel-related research and exploration. Each year, in the best tradition of supporting "intelligent travel," the PERMANENT FUND has provided modest stipends (up to $4000 each) to one or more dedicated and adventurous individuals -- http://www.harvardtravellersclub.org/permFund.htm

ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY -- The Society offers several awards of up to £3,000 to individuals for original desk or field based research in any area of geography -- www.rgs.org