TF2002 trip synopsis - "Diabetes World Flight"
By Dougie Cairns

22 February 2003
Hi Tom,
Good to chat today. Just to repeat, many thanks again for all your inspiration and support for Diabetes World Flight. It's been a truly great adventure and hopefully the messages re. diabetes really can get through to people. I received some decent t.v. coverage on returning and may possibly get some coverage next week in the UK. Have received a couple of requests 
for speeches, the first of which is in Hawaii at the end of May. It would be rude to turn this down! This year's going to be dedicated to more fund raising for DWF, flying and writing the adventure up with a strong theme vis-a-vis diabetes. However, will be in Thailand for April and May and look forward to catching up with you then.
All the best! 
May 2003
I'm back in the UK for a quick week giving talks and much to my delight, was given an award for DWF by one of the UK flying magazines at an airshow yesterday. Am meeting the UK AOPA CEO tomorrow. With some recent changes in UK medical rules there may some interesting things to do here with flying/diabetes.